Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

National Book Lovers Day

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day! So get out and read, buy books, and visit libraries. New York City is the ideal place to observe the day, with its many bookstores and comfortable spots to read, from parks to atriums. If the art of books is your thing, check out exhibits at the Grolier Club or the rotunda at the New York Public Library featuring its murals detailing the history of the written word. Or enjoy a visit to the J.P. Morgan Library where one of the great book collector’s three Gutenberg Bibles is always on display. And if you simply want to lie out in the park and read, New York City has been the subject of some of the greatest books ever written, whether by Edith Wharton, Truman Capote, Ralph Ellison, or Ayn Rand. Happy National Book Lovers Day!


This Queens jazz mural is located on what St. Albans thoroughfare?

National Lighthouse Day

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the commissioning of the first federal lighthouse, August 7th was designated National Lighthouse Day in 1989. There are beautiful lighthouses in the city where you can observe the holiday, but the most famous is surely Jeffrey’s Hook Light, far better known as “the Little Red Lighthouse” on the edge of Fort Washington Park on the Hudson River. You may also wish to visit the National Lighthouse Museum on Staten Island which has exhibits and cruises honoring lighthouses and light keepers throughout the year. Happy National Light House Day!

Quotable NYC

“Heroes play in New York.  Your career is not finished until you play in New York.” — Dwight ‘Doc’ Gooden

National Oyster Day

August 5 is National Oyster Day and New York City is the most perfect and poetic place to celebrate! After all, oysters play a crucial role in the city’s commercial and culinary history, having shucked and served six-million of them during the 19th century, when the Big Apple was still “the Big Oyster” and the biggest provider of bivalves in the world. Pearl Street in the Financial District got its name from the pearly oyster shells that lined the banks of the East River 200 years ago. Today, the legendary Grand Central Oyster Bar is the most obvious (though not the only) place to observe National Oyster Day!

Quotable NYC

“Look at the Manhattan skyline and you will see a smoothly blended city. The beauty of its individual architecture is not surpassed anywhere in the world. Remember that New York is a constantly growing city, and that it has an architectural theme all its own… I would call it a patchwork of beauty.” — Fiorello La Guardia

Quotable NYC

“Coney Island was the center of the world for me. I loved the rides, the hot dogs – I’ve never gotten over it.” — Harold Feinstein


Beulah Louise Henry

Congratulations to Michael Dillinger for getting the correct answer first!


Awarded with 49 patents, what New York inventor, was known as “Lady Edison”?

The Top 100 Greatest NYC Buildings — #45

The Oculus

Architect: Santiago Calatrava
Style: Modern
Use: Transit/Retail
Opened: 2016
Borough: Manhattan

Controversial for its massive construction delays and multi-billion dollar budget increases, this soaring testament to the resilience of the World Trade Center and its neighbors speaks for itself. Designed to evoke the wings of the Phoenix rising from its own ashes (what could be more appropriate or poetic for the World Trade Center?), this artistic exercise in maximalist modernism has become one of the biggest sightseeing draws of any public interior in the downtown area.