Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

National Hat Day

01-15New York is a walker’s city. Rain or shine, hot or cold, sunny or gray, New Yorkers find themselves walking out in the elements a lot. Hats are especially important here. National Hat Day was designated to celebrate headgear as a matter of style, rather than practicality, but New Yorkers have always had a flare for combining the two. So hop over to J.J.’s Hat Center for some of the finest toppers for sale and strut around New York well-capped. Happy National Hat Day!



  1. It’s “flair” in this context, fellas, NOT “flare.” That flare is what you light by the roadside when your car breaks down or send up in the air to signal for help, or more aggressively, illuminate an area where one plans an attack of some sort. But I love hats, and maybe will visit this J&J place.

  2. Marcos E de Jesús

    The Gentleman’s Hat Club approves of this message.



    > El Jan 15, 2017, a las 7:03, Beautiful New York escribió: > > >

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