Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

New York Is… Medicine

11-26-medicineIn a city of 8-million people, some are going to get sick. Some may get injured. Most, hopefully, will grow old. When this happens, the bustling metropolis offers some of the greatest hospitals in the world, some of the most interesting pharmacies, some of the most dedicated health care professionals, and any other aspect of medicine that may be needed. New York boasts the nation’s oldest hospital (Bellevue) and its oldest drug store (Bigelow’s). But the city’s diversity also makes it a mecca for alternative medicines and herbs, easily found in many neighborhoods. And because we love our history so much, we’ve even commemorated a gynecologist in bronze: Dr. J. Marion Sims stands in effigy on Central Park East in honor of his lowering the infant mortality rate and mother mortality rate during the Victorian era.


1 Comment

  1. Ben

    Don’t forget Dr. Alexander Skene of Brooklyn (via Scotland), who even sculpted his own bust of Dr. Sims.

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