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It Happened Today in New York City

10-01 WaldorfOn October 1, 1931, the new Waldorf Astoria Hotel opened, spanning a full square block from 49th to 50th Streets, from Park to Lexington Avenues. The largest and tallest hotel in the world at the time, the new building replaced the original Waldorf on 34th & Fifth, which had been demolished to make way for the Empire State Building. Every sitting U.S. President has stayed at the Waldorf, starting with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the residential suites in the Waldorf Towers include the final home of former president Herbert Hoover. Many other celebrities in every field from entertainment to the Mob have had apartments or stayed in guest rooms at the Waldorf, which was purchased by Conrad Hilton in 1949 and is considered the crown jewel of the Hilton Hotel chain.


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  1. Judy Baker

    My parents got married at the Waldorf, in the Jade Room. The hotel was only 9 years old, then, and probably one of the hottest venues in town.

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