Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

New York Is… Heroism

09-09-heroismNew York demands strength and resilience from its inhabitants, two of the truest characteristics of the everyday hero. In a chaotic and dramatic city, the need for heroics can become clear to the most ordinary of citizens. Whether Wesley Autrey knew he could rescue a stranger from the subway tracks or Captain Sully knew he could land a plane on the Hudson River if these amazing episodes had not actually come to pass is a matter of speculation. But for these heroes and many more, New York has provided the opportunity for their heroism to shine. Some people embrace professions that call for heroics; police officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc. Some become activists and role models, inspiring others, whether it’s running a marathon on crutches or leading a parade out of the closet and into the street. Some fight for others in battles of race relations and feminism. But every single New York hero is a red-blooded human being who never uses the word. “Hero” is a title gifted upon them by their fellow New Yorkers in exchange for their noble conduct.


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