Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Women’s Equality Day

08-26 Women's Equality DayIt may seem a shame that today, in 2016, we still need to make a point of dedicating an observance day to women’s equality, something that should be so commonplace as to be deemed mundane. Yet, when we consider that the right of U.S. women to vote was acknowledged less than 100 years ago and there are some people still alive who are older than this, the need to honor the anniversary of that historic passage becomes clear. And we have a New Yorker to thank for the holiday, our 20th District Representative in Congress, Battling Bella Abzug. So raise a glass to Battling Bella in honor of her having proposed the day to Congress in 1971, and teach your children to treat each other equally so that, by the time they are as old as we are now, they’ll wonder why we have a day to celebrate women’s equality.


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