Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City


07-26 Burial QElizabeth Cady Stanton, Thomas Nast, Olive Thomas, Bat Masterson, Miles Davis, Nellie Bly, Duke Ellington, and Geraldine Fitzgerald are all buried where?



  1. Patrick

    Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx.

  2. Woodlawn

  3. Mauriello


  4. thestreetteacher

    Well, Woodlawn, of course. But did you know that Elizabeth Cady Stanton lived in my hometown for 20 years? Just down the street and around the corner in – as my mother first called it when she walked me to school that first time when I was six – the White House!

  5. Other notable neighbors for me when the time comes at Woodlawn include Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, Celia Cruz, FW Woolworth, Fiorello H LaGuardia, Isidor Straus (Ida’s body was never recovered) and scoundrel/financier/philanthropist Jay Gould

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