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07-16 DimaggioOn July 16, 1941, Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees completed his 56-game hitting streak, setting a Major League record that still stands to this day. Joe Krakauskas of the Cleveland Indians yielded the final hit to DiMaggio in a streak that included seven double-headers. The following day, third baseman Ken Keltner (also of Cleveland) stopped the streak with some excellent fielding. DiMaggio later confided in a teammate that failing to hit in one more game cost him $10,000 that had been promised him by the Heinz corporation to endorse their Heinz 57 products.



  1. Judy Baker

    My sister, Linda, was two days old, and a committed Brooklyn Dodgers fan. I don’t suppose these two facts are related.

  2. 1941 before the tragic events of December 7th could be referred to the year of the hitter. In addition to Joe DiMaggio’s record 56 game hitting streak, the last man to hit over 400 (406 to be exact) was Ted Williams and that feat was also accomplished in 1941. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of those record breaking events there was a ceremony at Yankee Stadium and I was privileged to be in attendance. The 2 Hall of Famers were there and after the ceremony the public address system treated us to the duet version of Unforgettable with Natalie Cole and her father, the late, great Nat King Cole.

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