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New York Is… Law

04-30 LawThere are few archetypes in the city more recognized or remarked upon than the New York City police officer. But that is only one ingredient in the soup that comprises our city’s legal system, which has been the basis of more books, movies, TV shows, and newspaper articles than virtually any other topic. Appropriately, the courthouses that are most prominent in the public eye are downtown in the very oldest sections of the city, signifying New York’s long relationship with the process of law and order. And some of the most expressive and impressive architectural specimens in town are legal buildings (such as the stunning Appellate Court on East 26th Street). Some of the most famous lawyers practicing today, such as Ron Kuby and Alan Dershowitz, are New Yorkers, as are some of the more revered judges, such as Judy Sheindlin. And it is no surprise that some of the city’s court buildings bear the name of great giants of jurisprudence and lawmaking, whether on the national level (such as Thurgood Marshall) or the state level (such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan). No matter how chaotic or criminal the city’s reputation may be, it is a place of law and order.


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  1. Yes, New York and law – Judge Judy Sheindlin received her law degree from New York Law School, Church & Worth Streets. However an alumnus who preceded her, John Marshall Harlan made it to the Supreme Court of the United States. New York has made several contributions to the highest court in the land – in an earlier era, Louis Brandeis and Benjamin Cardozo. Currently there are 3 native New Yorkers to be found in that august Cass Gilbert Building in Washington DC, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.
    For some reason, regardless of the New York talent on the bench in the nation’s capitol, the New-York Historical Society consistently invites Justice Samuel A Alito, a Philadelphia native as a guest speaker. Does his driver approach the Central Park West based institution from uptown to assure Justice Alito that he will always get out on the right?

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