Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City


04-19 Plath QWhen Sylvia Plath did her internship with Mademoiselle Magazine, she stayed at a women-only hotel which she calls The Amazon in her autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar. What was the hotel’s real name?



  1. Marc Landman

    Was it the Barbazon?

  2. Marie France Lefebvre


  3. Mike Grant

    The Barbizon

  4. Marie France Lefebvre

    Barbizon Hotel

  5. Lee Gelber

    Barbizon Hotel for Women- 63rd St& Lexington Ave

  6. I remember seeing the film “The Bell Jar” way back in my freshman year at Columbia with a few friends from Columbia as well as Barnard, aptly, at an UES theater not far from the Barbizon. Around the same time, I recall enjoying seeing Ordinary People at the same theater, and in front of us were what I thought were a man and a woman making out heavily. But as lights went up at film’s end, I could see it was two cute females! This is why I came to college in NYC, I said to my friends with delight!

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