Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City


12-12 SinatraHappy 100th Birthday to the late, great Frank Sinatra! Born and bred in Hoboken, just across the Hudson River, Sinatra bonded with New York City early in his career. When he was 26, his concert at the Paramount Theatre (now Hard Rock Café in Times Square) sparked the famous “bobby sox riot” that signaled his arrival as a star. He went on to appear in such classic NYC movies as On the Town, Guys and Dolls, The Man With the Golden Arm, and many others. But surely his greatest connection to our city is his legendary recording of our unofficial anthem, New York, New York by Kander & Ebb. He made it here. He made it everywhere.


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  1. There is a superb article on Sinatra’s cover of the Kander & Ebb anthem, New York, New York in today’s NY Times. The piece was written by Joe Nocera who is now a sports columnist. Apparently Robert De Niro was a motivating force to get Kander & Ebb to revise the song to its present form and “The Boss”, George Steinbrenner, loved it and it became the end of game anthem at Yankee Stadium. Mr. Nocera also explained the brief period when the Yankees used the original soundtrack version performed by Liza Minnelli when the Yankees lost and Sinatra’s version when the team won

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