Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

National Pizza With Everything Day

11-12 National Pizza With Everything DayIt’s no secret that we New Yorkers take our pizza seriously. A simple cheese pizza is called “a plain slice”. There is no “Original Ray’s” so don’t even ask. Brick oven is always better than heat lamps. But toppings? That is a matter of taste. So, for those who can’t decide, there is pizza with everything. And while the classic Roman and Neopolitan pizzerias may pride themselves on the purity of their plain slices, there is a place in the world for those who can skillfully lay their flatbread down with every savory accessory known to man without ruining the integrity of the pie. That place is called Two Boots. And it has several locations in the city. Go forth and enjoy. There is no better place to celebrate National Pizza With Everything Day.


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