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Top 20 Greatest NYC TV Shows — #20

Although we are big movie fans, here at Beautiful New York, the small screen is a very important venue for the dramatic expression of the metropolis as well. In a cultural capital filled with millions of reasons not to just stay home and watch TV, sometimes New Yorkers do it anyway. And, when we do, some of our favorite shows hold up a stunning mirror to our city. From sitcoms to cop dramas, here are the 20 greatest NYC TV shows. As always, we will reveal one selection per day, beginning with number 20.

#20      Spin City (1996 – 2002)

20 Spin City

This hilarious riff on New York City politics centers on a deputy mayor (Michael J. Fox) who must constantly get his gaffe-prone boss out of trouble. The series perfectly captures New Yorkers’ all too frequent prioritizing of brilliance at work over happiness at home, and the constant blurring of personal and professional lives. As expected in a show about elective governance in a diverse city, characters of various ages, ethnicities, levels of beauty, social background, and sexual orientation are treated with compassion and sympathy. At the same time, they are all equally fair game for the show’s uproarious comedy.


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