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09-08 Durocher QAfter replacing Mel Ott as manager of the New York Giants, Leo Durocher made what famous comment about Ott’s poor performance?



  1. John

    Nice guys finish last

  2. Nice guys finish last

  3. Dave Pawson

    This one is a bit tougher… The “nice guys” phrase originated in 1946, and was about the whole team (“Nice guys! Look over there. Do you know a nicer guy than Mel Ott? Or any of the other Giants? Why, they’re the nicest guys in the world! And where are they? In seventh place!” 7/6/46), but it was 1948 before Durocher went over to the Giants. And I am not finding anything he said about Ott at that time.

  4. Leo “The Lip” Durocher in his baseball career wore the uniform of all 3 New York teams, Yankees, Dodgers and Giants. He was suspended by the Commissioner of Baseball in 1947 so he wasn’t managing the Brooklyn Dodgers on that historic day, April 15, 1947 when Jackie Robinson played his first game at Ebbets Field. He was a good field, no hit shortstop for the Yankees in the 1920s

  5. Eric koch

    “Nice guys finish last”


    “Nice guys finish last.”

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