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Top 50 Greatest NYC Movies — #4

Naked City (dir. Jules Dassin, 1948)

08-28 The Naked City

The plot is a fairly standard police procedural that was relatively common in the late 1940’s. But this movie has the distinction of having been the first film since the silent period to be shot entirely on location in New York City. Consequently, it is like no other film noir from the heyday of that movement. The most realistic looking crime movie of its day takes us throughout the city’s highs and lows to a climactic chase on the Williamsburgh Bridge, a landmark never highlighted so perfectly in the cinema before or since.


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  1. Great film and some interesting historic sidebars – the director Jules Dassin was blacklisted and hounded out of the country where he went on to direct some classic European films – Rififi, Topkapi and with the great Kazantzakis score and his sexy wife, Melina Mercouri, Never on Sunday. Also blacklisted was Naked City’s screenwriter, Albert Maltz and one of the supporting cast, Tom Pedi. Dassin also cast some Yiddish theater stalwarts – Molly Picon, David Opatoshu and Nehemiah Persoff. in Naked City
    If memory serves me correctly, Howard Duff was married to Ida Lupino. If she married the Hawaiian singer Don Ho would she have been Ida Ho? – That last one is for Gary Dennis

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