Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

New York Is… Memorials

05-25 MemorialsSometimes, we commemorate a single person with a grand monument. Sometimes, we commemorate an entire group of people. Sometimes, we commemorate those we lost throughout an era and, sometimes, the losses of a single day. Sometimes, our memorials are for famous, legendary figures, while others are for the nameless. But, throughout New York, there are memorials that remind us that this city that never sleeps, never pauses or reflects, never stops long enough to smell the proverbial flowers, decided on many occasions that people who were lost are worth remembering. Whether you wish to reflect on General Grant or John Lennon, the victims of the Titanic or of 9/11, there is a memorial in New York with which you can commune. And those who are remembered will not have died in vain.


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