Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Law Day

?????????????????Ever wonder about the significance of Attorney Street? Or where Judge Crater lived? Or what cases were argued at the beautiful Cass Gilbert Building, the United States Courthouse for the Southern District of New York? These, and other legal landmarks, can easily be strung together for a unique tour of the city, in celebration of Law Day. Established by President Eisenhower in 1958, Law Day is a celebration of our nation’s commitment to the Rule of Law. So climb the steps from the opening credits sequence of Law & Order and celebrate the day!


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  1. The Cass Gilbert designed courthouse in Foley Square us now the Thurgood Marshall United States Federal Courthouse for the Southern District of New York, named for the first African-American appointed to the US Supreme Court. Justice Marshall in 1954 was head of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and led the team in the historic Brown vs Board of Education case that overturned Plessy vs Ferguson and led the way to the integration of public schools. A member of that team, the late Constance Baker Motley after serving as the first female Borough President of Manhattan was appointed to the Federal judiciary and presided over cases in that landmark building.
    Noted cases tried there included “white collar” criminal cases against Wall Streeters Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken – the “Junk Bond King”. The Rosenberg Atomic Spy Case was also tried there. The Post Modern building looming above the New York State “Law & Order” courthouse is the Daniel Patrick Moynihan US Federal Courthouse for the Southern District of New York. Federal Judge, the Hon. Denny Chin meted out a 150 year sentence to swindler Bernard Madoff in that building. A member of the Federal Appeals court in the Southern District has a distinction that no other member of the Federal Judiciary can claim – unless Clarence Thomas is keeping a deep, dark secret – the Hon. Kimba Wood was once a Playboy Bunny!

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