Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Top 20 Greatest NYC Paintings — #2

New York Movie by Edward Hopper

04-05 New York Movie

No one understood isolation better than Edward Hopper. Whether in the country or the city, Hopper’s paintings always reek with loneliness. Even his most famous work, Nighthawks, which features four people at a counter, casts a pall of disconnection between the strangers, none of whom are likely to have met before, nor ever again. Early Sunday Morning features no people at all. But Hopper’s most beautiful and most poignant work is New York Movie. The cinema brings people together, not to interact, but to lose themselves in the film world that unfolds before them. The usherette – possibly an aspiring artist herself – doesn’t even have that luxury, having seen the movie too many times, and can only drown her thoughts and her desire to be anywhere but where she is.


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