Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Something on a Stick Day

03-28 Something on a Stick DayOn this holiday, we celebrate by eating food on a stick. This can be anything, and often includes candy apples, popsicles, corn dogs, and other charming kids’ fare. But in New York City, something on a stick means kebabs! The famous street carts of the Big Apple were once known for their hot dogs, and some people still come to the city, thinking “I have to get a hot dog from a pushcart before I leave town.” But, in point of fact, hot dogs are now second to kebabs as the most ubiquitous street meat in the city. And those wonderfully seasoned cubes of beef and chicken on a stick are much fresher and yummier than tube steak boiled in dirty water. So enjoy a fresh kebab from a cart and have a delicious, truly authentic, New York street meat experience!


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