Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Top 20 Greatest NYC Paintings — #5

After the Rain by Paul Cornoyer

03-27 After the Rain

Trips to Europe, for the light and for the training, have always been important to painters. But few American painters have allowed their Paris influence to shine through in their work quite so vividly as Paul Cornoyer. His cityscapes tend to feel Parisian, regardless of whether he is painting Gloucester, New York, or his native St. Louis. While in New York, Cornoyer developed a very special relationship with Madison Square Park and painted it several times, from several angles, under several circumstances. Here, as a glowing sunset breaks through the clouds that brought the recent storm, he treats us to a park whose denizens’ clothes are virtually all that reveal the era in which it was painted. The park itself, and the surrounding buildings, could easily have been depicted the same way a century later.


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