Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Top 20 Greatest NYC Paintings — #20

New York is all about art. Young, ambitious, inspired artists come here from all over the world to study music, drama, writing, design, and every other artistic discipline under the sun. Not surprisingly, the visual arts play a major part in this appeal. Some of the greatest painters in the world have been inspired by the sweep, line, and curve of New York City, set against a backdrop of sunlight or electric light, or both. In an effort to celebrate different styles and decades, we have limited our list of the Top 20 Greatest Paintings of NYC to one painting per artist. As per tradition, we will reveal one painting per day, beginning with number twenty.

Prospect Park, Brooklyn by William Merritt Chase

03-05 Prospect Park

American Impressionist, William Merritt Chase, loved Prospect Park and returned to it frequently for subject matter (though he also painted multiple Central Park landscapes as well). In this piece, he reminds the viewer of the park as an urban oasis, a genteel and peaceful refuge from the hubbub of Brooklyn’s streets. To this day, many consider the Vaux & Olmsted masterpiece to be the finest park in the city.


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