Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Saint David’s Day

03-01 St Davids DayIn the most international city in the world, where residents and visitors are fascinated by the sheer number of different cultures, religions, cuisines, and customs that surround them, it is easy to forget some of the less populous cultures that are closer to home. So soon after Chinese New Year, and just before Saint Patrick’s Day, the feast day for the patron saint of Wales does not receive its due as often as it should, though there is no shortage of New Yorkers with roots in the UK. Welsh is a language spoken by fewer than a million people and New York is a city of 8-million. Yet a disproportionate number of Welsh notables have made their mark in New York, including Richard Burton, Dylan Thomas, and Bryn Terfel. So celebrate the holiday at the Welsh Congregational Church of New York and then enjoy the Feast of Saint David at Longbow Pub in Brooklyn.  Happy Saint David’s Day to you all!


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  1. Now that is interesting about the Longbow Pub. We live near there and I’ve walking right past it a million times (even eaten many times at an indian place right across the street from it ) and didn’t know its heritage. I’ve got to try it … I’ll just tell my daughter they have ‘fish sticks and fries’ and then she’ll be happy to go it.

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