Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Happy New Year!

01-01 New YearA very happy new year to all our dear readers. And a happy birthday to us! Today, the first of the year, also marks the first anniversary of Beautiful New York’s very first blog post! And what a joyous year it has been. In 2014, we posted every single day (as promised) with 64 It Happened Today in New York City almanac entries, 56 Quotable NYC posters, 42 Trivia Tuesday questions, 36 Holiday observances, 24 New York Is… collages, ten 10 Best lists, and one birthday tribute (there will be more this year). Expect to see us expand the 10 Best lists into larger numbers, while we take a look at an expanding list of interesting holidays. And here’s a special congratulations to our 2014 trivia champion, Andrea Coyle, who got the correct answer to five Trivia Tuesday questions first. Honorable mention to Adhoccom, Jtuptown, Leroy L, and Mar, who got three each. Many thanks to each and every one of you for reading and enjoying this blog. Here’s looking forward to a wonderful 2015!!



  1. Andrea Coyle

    Wow! Thank you for the kudos, Matt! And thank you for everything you do!

  2. Jonathan

    Congratulations on a stellar 1st year!

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