Beautiful New York

A Celebration of the City

Top 10 Greatest City-Specific Museums in NYC — #9

The Edgar Allan Poe Cottage


Although Poe lived in several cities (and wrote about several more), his time in the Bronx was quite special and the manner in which his house has been preserved truly reflects his relationship with the city and its culture at the time. While most historic house museums – such as the Bartow-Pell Mansion or the Van Cortlandt House – study the lives of the well to do, Poe lived in relative poverty and the museum is dedicated to instilling the feeling and atmosphere of his desperate circumstances into the consciousness of the visitor. One can easily envision Poe stepping onto the porch to talk with a passing neighbor (perhaps Archbishop John Hughes, who was launching Fordham University during the time Poe lived in the house) or writing Annabel Lee at the desk by the wall.


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