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Top 10 Greatest Subway Stations in NYC — #7

168th Street (1 Train)

168th Street Subway StationThe entire look and vibe of the platform for the #1 train at 168th Street, up in the Heights of Manhattan, comes straight out of a 1940’s film noir. The stunning – if appropriately dingy – bridge that crosses over the tracks, complete with globular lampposts, completes the effect. One more than half expects Bogart to walk up the steps in a trench coat, waiting to pass important documents to Peter Lorre in the middle of that bridge. But no Hollywood set ever had it so good as the real thing.



  1. Paul M

    i was up there recently and was wondering if this would make the list.

  2. This is a bold statement. Although I do believe that the high arched ceiling is beautiful, I am not sure it is enough. The elevator situation is enough for me not to put it on a list. However, I see where you are coming from.

    • Matthew Baker

      You are right, the arched ceiling would not be enough if that was all there was. What puts this station on the list is the bridge and its great, globular lampposts. That, more than anything, is what evokes the feeling of the old movies more than anything else.

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