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Top 10 Greatest Bridges in NYC — #10

New York City is the site of many engineering, artistic, and architectural marvels. Yet as beautiful as many of our great landmarks are, the vast majority were built primarily for practical reasons, rather than aesthetics. In this city where “cathedrals to commerce” are par for the course and teeming millions are zipping through the metropolis on every form of transportation available, there can be little wonder that some of our greatest glories are our bridges.

Foot bridges, vehicular bridges, bridges over streets, bridges over water, you name it. New York City is home to some of the greatest bridges that ever elevated a traveler over surface. Here are the ten greatest. We will reveal one per day, beginning with number 10.

Trinity Place Bridge

05-17 Trinity Place BridgeA stone’s throw from the American Stock Exchange on Church Street glides this elegant iron private catwalk. Looking far older and more distinguished than its 25 years, Trinity Place Bridge connects Trinity Church (whose spire was once the tallest structure in the city) to its parish house, sparing its congregants the disruptions of Financial District Traffic.


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