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Top 10 Greatest NYC Parks — #10

People who have never been to New York City often disparage our town as “one big solid concrete slab”, claiming it has no green space.  Not only are they wrong, but the precise opposite is true.  New York has more public parkland than any other major city in the world.  13% of New York City is devoted to public parkland and 96% of all New Yorkers live within a ten-minute walk of a public park.

In honor of New York’s unmatched devotion to urban green space, Beautiful New York presents our picks for the top ten greatest parks in the city.  We will feature one park per day, beginning with number ten.

Astoria Park 01-26 Astoria Park

Sprawled between two of New York’s most picturesque bridges – the Hellgate and the Triboro – is one of the city’s most splendid recreational parks. Astoria Park is home to concerts, festivals, and a huge number of athletic activities.  It has a skatepark, two playgrounds, tennis courts, and a running track.  But its most famous feature is the Olympic-sized swimming pool, designed in the art deco style and commissioned by Robert Moses in the 1930’s.  It remains the oldest and largest public pool in the city.


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  1. Peter Gallinari - Linari

    ASTORIA PARK is where I grew up!

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